How Web Applications Spark Higher Levels of Productivity


The increasing popularity of mobile devices, such as smart phones and tablets, are causing businesses to take advantage of web applications. The demands that mobile device users are creating have pushed the cloud to new heights. One of the main reasons why web based applications are so important is the technology in mobile devices. Mobile device users are able to do local searches for businesses on their smart phones and tablets. Companies that focus on business intelligence analytics know all about these facts and provide business owners the proper solutions to remain competitive. Mobile application development companies also focus on business intelligence analytics because the future is in cloud computing.

New studies predict 80 percent of IT spending will be driven by cloud computing from now until 2020. Business owners must get onboard if they are to survive these technological changes. Business intelligence consultants provide business intelligence analytics, custom business dashboard solutions, cloud computing consulting services and application software development. Gathering, storing, accessing and analyzing data on a network is a concept handled best with software providing solutions for business intelligence analytics. Android mobile devices make up almost 50 percent of the mobile device market share, while iPhone grabs around 28 percent of the market share. The type of platform mobile devices are running on play a vital role in custom web application development.

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