Three Steps to Dealing with IRS Financial Problems

Irs problem

Did you know that the IRS originated during the Civil War, when congress and President Lincoln needed to enact an income tax in order to cover war costs? This was in 1862.

Today, everyone is used to the idea of paying income tax, but that does not make it any easier. Many people struggle with paying back taxes, and are seeking help with irs tax problems. Do you need help with Irs problems? If you are one of these people struggling with the IRS, know that you are not alone. What you need to do is familiarize yourself with the legal rules surrounding the IRS, and know what your own rights are, as well. Here are three steps you can take toward a resolution of your problems with IRS.

First, be aware of what the IRS can and will do to you in the event that you do not pay your taxes. Perhaps you have already had the misfortune of dealing with several of these methods. The IRS, for example, is authorized to seize your property if they need to cover your tax liabilities. This can range from seizure of a car or furniture to, drastically, a seizure of your entire home. The IRS can also enact wage garnishment, which is where a portion of your paycheck is withdrawn and sent straight to the IRS before you ever receive it.

Second, this is where knowing your own rights come in. For example, the IRS is obligated to give you thirty days notice of its plans to seize your property, and during this time you can take action to prevent that from happening. Regarding wage garnishments, you have a right to a hearing during which you can argue for it to be a lowered percentage or even dropped for the time being if you can show that it is economically impossible for you to handle at the moment. Educating yourself on your legal options can help with IRS problems.

Third, it is recommendable that you hire an attorney or tax professional to help with Irs problems. Though hiring someone can seem like a daunting expense, they can help you navigate through the court system. They can be of great assistance for cases of wage garnishments. They can also help with IRS problems by working to reach an amount for you to pay that is less than the amount you owe.

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