Emerald Ash Borer Beetles Will Ruin Your Ash Trees

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Emerald ash borer beetles are native to Asia and Russia. It is presumed that they arrived to the United States on wood packing materials carried in cargo ships or cargo airplanes coming from Asia.

Emerald ash borer beetles are highly destructive to ash trees. Emerald ash borers will infest and kill ash trees such as green ash trees, white ash trees, black ash trees, and blue ash trees. Emerald ash borer beetles have killed tens of millions of ash trees throughout North America.

An emerald ash borer map will show you where emerald ash beetles originate from and where they are infested the most. Emerald ash borer control and emerald ash borer treatment is important for the health of your trees and also for the appearance of your backyard landscaping.

Throughout the lifetime of a female emerald ash borer beetle 60-90 eggs can be laid. These eggs typically hatch in seven to ten days. Emerald ash borer larvae are hard to see because they found under the bark. They make S shaped tunnels that are visible if they bark is removed.

Emerald ash borer control is important to protect ash trees from ash tree disease. You can help control the emerald ash borer problem by not moving firewood from your property, burning firewood where you buy it, and reporting any emerald ash borer beetle sightings or infestations. An emerald ash borer map can help you determine if there are any ash trees near you.

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