Health Insurance Employee Benefits Offered to Canadian Employees of Small Businesses Through Group Health Benefit Plans

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When a person is seeking a job, they will often ideally want to find a job that offers employee benefits. One of the most important and sought after employee benefits is health insurance. Due to the very high costs of any form of medical care, many people depend highly on their medical insurance to cover their medical needs. If a person does not have health insurance, they may find themselves in very difficult financial or medical situations. In the United States, health insurance employee benefits are much more commonly offered by larger businesses and companies. In Canada, though, health insurance for small businesses is becoming increasingly prominent thanks to the use of group health plans that are able to provide health insurance employee benefits.

The health care systems in Canada function quite differently from those in the United States. The health systems of the provinces and territories of Canada are supported by the Canadian Health Transfer, which is a transfer program in the Canadian government. Adopted in 1984, the Canada Health Act is a piece of federal legislation that specifies the conditions and criteria which the health insurance programs of the provinces and territories must conform to in order to receive federal transfer payments under the Canada Health Transfer. It has been figured that private sources such as insurance and out of pocket payments cover around 30 percent of Canadian health expenditures.

Of all the small businesses in Canada, 98 percent have between 2 and 100 employees. Of these businesses, 60 percent of owners express concern about the quality of the health insurance employee benefits that they offer their employees. Group health benefit plans may be a solution to these concerns, as many can guarantee small businesses with stable premiums and overall better health benefits for employees.

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  1. Ever seen the Michael Moore documentary Sicko? That obviously came to my mind while I was reading this. Really good documentary, very informative and actually devastatingly sad at times with some of the stories they show.

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