Looking for a Short Term Employee?

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Sometimes referred to as “contractual”, “seasonal”, “interim”, “casual”, or “freelance” staff, temporary employees are often hired in full and part time capacities to fill in at places of employment where short term workers are needed. Temporary work can be an excellent way for workers to find full time employment or to gain experience before seeking a full time position. Professional staffing agencies are available across Canada that employ temporary workers who are then dispatched to fill in at other places of employment.

Who Is Usually Employed by Temp Staffing Agencies?

Most temporary employees are interested in secretarial or clerical positions. As such, they are often tested to determine their level of skill in clerical and secretarial tasks. Last year, the number of temporary workers in Canada hit a record 2 million, making up 13.6 percent of Canada’ work force. Employment growth was up 14.2 percent for temp work between 2009 and 2012, compared to only 3.8 percent for permanent workers.

What Does a Temporary Staffing Agency Do?

Professional staffing agencies find and retain workers for companies and provide training, compliance services, and information management services to employers. Companies looking to hire a temporary staff member simply contact a temporary staffing agency and describe the skill set they are seeking. A temporary employee is then found in the database and contacted regarding their interest in the assignment. Assuming that they are interested, the worker then receives instructions pertaining to the job including attire, hours, wages, and to whom they should report.

Why Work with Professional Staffing Agencies?

For workers, the advantages are clear. As long as they are technically skilled enough to perform the work, they are virtually guaranteed a job without an interview and application process. Hours are potentially flexible, and workers stand to gain a large amount of experience by working with a number of companies in different environment.s

For businesses, working with professional staffing agencies eliminates the lengthy hiring process, especially when the position that needs to be filled is not a long term one. They do not handle the payment of the temp, so there is little extra paperwork to be done.

Professional staffing agencies provide an essential service not only to workers but to businesses in need of temporary workers. Their popularity across Canada is undoubtedly due to their success in assisting thousands of companies with their staffing needs.

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