What Is Secure Messaging For Healthcare?

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Secure messaging offers the chance for patients and caregivers the opportunity to communicate electronically and securely with health care providers. Mobile medical applications include patient portal, secure email and sms. The interaction can be initiated by either the provider or the patient.

How secure is texting? The specialized applications encrypt the data on the mobile device, communicate it to the recipient, the data is then decrypted, which helps to ensure HIPPA compliance and patient privacy. Those that wonder how secure is texting with these services, the HIPPA Privacy Rules has to deal with the use and disclosure of Protected Health Information that are held by entities such as health care clearinghouses, health insurers, medical service providers and employer sponsored health plans that engage in specific transactions with patients. Every health care provider may come to different conclusions vis a vis the potential threat posed by texting of PHI and then need to evaluate their mobile HIPPA compliant messaging policy accordingly.

Secure messaging healthcare is popular in not only in the United States but in the Netherlands as well. The Netherlands leads the world in regards to medical practices that use electronic records. The Netherlands has a 99 percent participation with electronic records while only 46 percent of American practitioners use electronic record keeping software.

Knowing how secure is texting when using a medical mobile application is important for patients and practitioners alike. Reviews highly agree that secure text messaging for healthcare is trustworthy.

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