Unique Art Blog Out of Queens, NY Featuring Photographs of Models Posing Around the City With the Letter Q

Q models blog

Since blogging became a staple in the online world, the web has seen its fair share of standout blogs come and go. Some blogs stand out because they consistently provide interesting, engaging content that always leaves their visitors wanting more. Other blogs stand out sometimes because they are just downright strange and no one has ever seen anything quite like the content they provide. In Queens, NY, one successful artist and photographer in the area, who goes by the pseudonym Rquinox Q, has created a blog that is generating a lot of widespread buzz online. The blog, which is known by several variations of its name, is most commonly referred to as Blog Q, and features a variety of photos of models posing with a letter Q that has been made from interesting materials.

Blog Q has also been referred to in some cases as the Q Models Blog, Mrs q blog, and the Rquinox Q blog, in reference to its creator. The one and only theme of Blog Q is, unsurprisingly, the letter Q. According to the quote at the top of its homepage, Blog Q is, “A blog that pays homage to both its city and its creator.” Given that all of the photos on the site feature the letter Q, Queens, NY is the home of the blog, and the creator is Rquinox Q, this appears to be very accurate.

The photos on Blog Q are often shared on social media networks due to their unique nature. In one popular photo, a shirtless male model is wearing a Q shaped necklace made from linked sausages. Another one of the more popular photos on the site features a female model whose very long hair has been styled into a letter Q on top of her head. The site is updated weekly with a new photo shoot that is eagerly anticipated by the thousands of followers of the blog.

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