What to Do When You Need to Order Checks


The history of cheques dates back to the ancient Romans, who are said to have used an early form of cheques known as “praescriptiones” in the first century B.C. Later on, cheques were first used by Eastern Mediterranean merchants, and date back to before 1000 A.D. They were similar to modern cheques in that they were a written document instructing the financial institution to make a payment to the cheque holder.

The first personalized cheques were printed by the Commercial Bank of Scotland in 1811, and they featured the account holder’s name printed vertically along the left hand edge of the cheque. In addition, the first chequebooks were produced a few years later by the Bank of England in 1830, and consisted of groups of 50, 100 or 200 cheques and cheque stubs bound and sewn together.

In modern times, one of the major uses for cheques is still payroll, which is the sum of all financial records, including employee salaries, wages, bonuses and deductions. What some businesses don’t know is that they have the choice of what cheques to choose when ordering cheques.

Companies can get personalized cheques and even laser cheques when they order cheques from certain cheque companies. Companies like Davis and Henderson cheque ordering services can provide you with all the personalized cheques your company could ask for. Davis and Henderson cheque ordering is just one cheque ordering service, and a business has the right to choose their cheque supplier, at the end of the day.

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