Extended Trip Coming Up That’s Not Pet Friendly? There Is a Pet Friendly Place To Leave Fido

Doggy day care

Sometimes we have to go away for extended periods of time. Whether it’s due to a vacation, a business trip, searching for a new house that is long distance from where you currently live, or a family reunion, sometimes you just have to pack up and ship off for a week or so.

If the most that you have relying on you at home is a few houseplants, then you are okay to just up and leave for little bit of time without worrying about the plants needing to be taken out for a walk or having their box changed. But, if you’ve got some furry companions at home who eagerly await your arrival every time you come home from work, you’re going to need to figure out some way for your little fur ball to get the love and care that it deserves while you’re gone.

What you need, what will solve all of your problems here, is a doggy day care. Dog day care is ideal for many a situation in your and your pet’s lives. If you don’t have the heart to crate your dog while you’re off to work everyday, dog day care is a great place to drop your pup for dog-sitting, socialization, and all around doggy love. Or, if you’re looking for a pet day care that also has a boarding element, you can find one that will not only doggy-sit and play during the day, but also give your dog a warm, comfortable place to stay at night while you’re gone.

Whether you look for doggie day care Salem or wherever else it is that you live, you want to find the right one that fits your pooch best. Not all dog day cares will be the perfect fit, so you should be prepared to search for that one that fits best. Is your dog a lay-about? Maybe active playing isn’t high on your priorities for a day care. Or maybe, because your dog is a lay-about, active play actually is important.

Do not be afraid to ask to see where your dog will be staying. You have every right to see the sleeping area, the play area, the type of food that your dog’ll get (but you can usually just bring your own too), and any treats that your dog could be getting. Also know that you can give the kennel a call during business hours to check up on your little bundle of joy. If they’re really a good kennel, they’ll know how important your pet is to you, and they’ll understand, because they love dogs just as much.

Do not dread your next business trip. Worrying just wastes time. Instead, look for the perfect day care and kennel for your companion. Once you find it, you’ll have a kennel for life. References: www.caninecorral.biz

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