Three Ways to Attract More Website Traffic

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Did you know that more than 90% of online experiences begin with a visit to a search engine? The internet provides a wealth of potential business, but the only way to attract more customers is through internet marketing. Since more than 40% of B2CB marketers admit that SEO has the largest impact on their lead generation goals, several SEO strategies must be utilized in order to gain more website traffic. SEO can be difficult and time-consuming, though, so SEO services consultants are available to employ these strategies for you.

1. Content creation. This strategy is becoming the most popular form of SEO, as 75% of marketers use it in their campaigns. Content SEO utilizes keyword-rich articles and blogs that are used to rank websites higher on search engine results pages as organic links. Since 80% of search engine users only click on organic links, this strategy is commonly implemented to earn more traffic.

2. Social media marketing. Approximately 65% of adults who are online use at least one social media site. In addition, 20% of Facebook users have purchased a product after reading comments about it or seeing an ad for it on the site. Since social media usage continues to be one of the top internet activities, social media marketing firms are able to advertise your company on these sites in order to help it attract more web traffic.

3. Web design. Content creation and social media advertising will draw more users to your website, but how will you get them to stay on it? Your website must be concise, creative, and user-friendly in order to keep the attention of every user who visits your site. Creating an effective web design is often difficult, though, so top SEO consultants will design it for you.

In order for your website to increase the amount of traffic it receives, several internet marketing strategies must be utilized. Content creation, social media marketing, and web design will all increase your online presence and visibility. By allowing SEO services consultants to implement these strategies for you, your website will see a significant increase in traffic.

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