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Have you been waking up in excruciating pain? Maybe you wake up in the morning short of breath, and with aching muscles. This agony could be caused by your bed. Particularly if you own a typical, flat mattress. There may be a way that you can sleep better at night, and feel better in the morning.

An adjustable bed could be just what you need. Getting a good nights sleep is one of the biggest lifestyle factors that promote good health, over all. And we know that the natural S curve shape of the spine is not supported by a normal flat bed. The good news? There are plenty of ergonomic beds to choose from, which can be formed to your unique body shape.

Studies suggest that an adjustable bed may help to provide relief from lower back pain, edema (swelling of the legs), and poor local blood circulation of the legs. Plus, sleeping comfortably and soundly is crucial to living a healthier, less stressful life.

It has been proven that people with a great deal of lower back pain are generally less healthy than people without. An adjustable bed could be all it takes to adjust yourself into a life of new found health. It is one step in the right direction, to lead you toward a healthier life in all ways.

An adjustable bed can promote proper sleeping posture as well. You will be less likely to sleep on your side when in an adjustable bed. Sleeping on your side can cut off your blood circulation, and hamper breathing as you sleep.

Being in chronic pain is most closely associated with insomnia, says the National Sleep Foundation. It would logically lead, then, to say that insomnia is most closely associated with discomfort during sleep (although stress of other natures often affects this as well).

An adjustable bed, however, can eliminate much of this other stress, as well as provide you with custom fit comfort as you sleep, allowing you to fall asleep easier, and wake up feeling refreshed and ready to conquer the world!

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  1. I never even considered this. It makes so much sense though! The part about the shape of our spines, why would flat beds even be considered the way to go ever?

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