Fun Facts about Garage Doors

How to install garage door

If you own a garage, then chances are you also have a garage door. Garage doors go as far back as 450 BC. They were originally used to protect chariots in gatehouses in the ancient world. In the United States, however, garage doors did not begin to catch on until the early 20th century. Part of the reason for the rise in popularity of the garage door in the United States was advent of the automobile. As more and more people began owning automobiles, more and more people began needing places to store them. This lead to the construction of garages, and with garages came garage doors.

Garage doors can be made out of a number of materials including wood, metal and plastic. They can consist of one door or two doors which slide horizontally. Other more modern garages use one door which slides up and back over the ceiling of the garage.

One of the biggest innovations in garage doors came in 1926 when C.G. Johnson invented the electric garage door opener in Hartford City, Indiana. This allowed the door or doors to be opened using a series of counter balances and a motor. The next big innovation was the invention of the remote control garage door opener. This allowed people to be able to open their garage door from inside their car. The remote control garage door opener made garage parking significantly easier.

A garage door can be installed by the homeowner themselves. Alternatively, a garage door installer can perform garage door installations if the homeowner is unskilled or unsure of how to properly perform the job. Garage door installation can often be completed in a single day. You can use the yellow pages or the internet to find the best garage door installers nearest you. Learn more at this link.

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