Why to Blog and How It Will Help Your Brain

The first blogs began in the late 1990s with a wing a prayer and some half decent web design based solely around developing a voice and hitting send. Now a decade and a half later blogs are one of the touchstones of modern media. These web logs may have come form humble begins, but right now tweens and multinational businesses alike are both heavily dependent upon them.

Why? The number one benefit of blogs is encountering humanity. This may sound sappy at first, but break it down and while it may seem like a sappy twist on this techie device it has some real merit. The first blogs and even many blogs now are used as journals. Typically they offer a more human perspective on something like a news article. Have you ever read online news written by your favorite writer then looked up their blog and seen what they actually think about the subject. The idea of a blog is that it brings people closer to the ideas of another person.

With that said, have you ever read your favorite blog from a journalist, author, artist or other big wig and wonder whether or not you have what it takes to cut it in the wide, wide word of the internet?

Here are just a few reasons you should definitely start blogging.

One: Become an expert, and not just according to yourself. By blogging, and seriously, you can earn credibility through your readership. Be wary, they will vet you against other internet sources, but if you can stand the test of time and scrutiny then you may be on your way to developing your own expertise.

Two: learn to do meticulous research. Maybe this does not sound like a winning attribute right off the bat, but all these skills will add up. which leads us to number three.

Three: earn a better job. There are two things blogs can be especially good at doing. The first is attracting attention. The second is using that attention to solidify a place of value. Once you have developed a good blog you can put it on things like resumes. Even if you don’t most employers are looking at the internet presences of candidates as they consider them for employment. If your blog is good, then that shows skill, and off you go to a better gig.

Four: drive your business. Using web content to drive consumer interest is not only an idea for the future, it is a reality for the now. More companies are blogging than ever, because giving a human touch to products has proven results. Companies that have well maintained blog pages receive 55% more web traffic than those that do not.

So that solves it. Blogging is important.

If all else fails, your articles fall to the wayside and the blogs get bogged down in an onslaught of harangues, then at the you will be smarter for it. Yes, physically smarter. Just as the muscles of your body need to be trotted to the gym and worked out, so to does your brain need to be taken to a gym or sorts. The constant brain exercise that blogging provides stimulates neurons and improves your memory.

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