Save the Water, Save Your Restaurant

Everpure business water filter

My little bistro has always had problems with our water. It was fine to use for washing dishes and everything, but we had to buy bottled water by the gallons to serve our guests. People said that it just tasted off. This is why when I heard about the Everpure restaurant water filter I was ecstatic.

Everpure food service filtrations really helped me step up my business with all of the added benefits. Not only did it save my business money (because we no longer needed gallons of store bought water) but it also helped increase the overall quality of all of my food, believe it or not! This created a bigger buzz and I wound up having a lot more store traffic!

When I learned how the Everpure food service water filters worked, how it cleaned the water of mineral deposits and how these minerals could build up, I decided that we needed to shut down for a day and purge our equipment of whatever gross buildup was inside from our old gross water. Afterwards, our dishes were cleaner, and our coffee tasted so much better. In fact, we began to have coffee of high repute, believe it or not. All thanks to the Everpure business water filter (which was bigger than the first one we bought).

I never would have thought that this would all come from getting an Everpure restaurant water filter. It just goes to show how important water is to a restaurant. Have any of you ever considered getting an Everpure restaurant water filter? Why or why not? What are some other benefits of the Everpure restaurant water filter? Please share your stories and experiences about the Everpure restaurant water filter in the comments! More on this topic.

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  1. The same kind of thing happened to my little cafe. Once we started filtering our water, the coffee just started tasting so much better. Its crazy how that works!

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